I have a superpower

I have the ability to detect if someone’s a total fuckwad.

Because I have such a high tolerance for douchefuckery and general annoyingness, by the time I find someone annoying, most people have gotten sick of them a long time ago.

What this means is, any person I dislike or hate, is usually a person people generally dislike and hate, which makes it much easier for me to dislike them because no one’s gonna argue against me finding them annoying.

I’m not sure what this ability is used for besides being able to ask a relative stranger “don’t you find [so-and-so] annoying?” and knowing they’ll say “yes” and not “what are you talking about? he/she is a wonderful person and you’re a horrible person for not liking him/her”.

Sometimes I also try to pinpoint exactly what it is about someone that makes them annoying. In general, I’ve found that people with inferiority complexes are generally the most widely-disliked people. When everything they say is a cry for attention or when they’re negative far too often either because they have a negative attitude or because they believe hating on something elevates them as a person, people tend to notice. People tend to get annoyed.

So cheers to all you terrible people out there. Keep entertaining me in life and on Facebook and please continue to be oblivious to the hole that you dig yourself in every day.


  1. Doughnut carrot
    July 12, 2012

    With great power comes great responsibility, let those people know what you’ve pinpointed, chances are they were not born fuckwads rather their life was at some point douchefuckery dojo. You don’t have to solve everyone’s problems but the more you practice compassion the easier it gets, the more efficient you become at helping people. If you are as good as you say you are in noticing people’s faults, it shouldn’t be too hard to stop thinking negativley about the people you notice and start helping a few of them.

    • vietiscool
      July 12, 2012

      I wish I could, but these people usually have built up these flaws over such a long period of time that I wouldn’t even know where to start in “helping” them. Just pointing out what their flaw is would only put them on the defensive while taking a slow approach would do nothing as their negativity is ingrained into their lives.

      I used to point out people’s flaws but I stopped when I noticed that few people actually took what I said into consideration. People generally don’t like to consider their own deeply-rooted flaws.

      Currently I take a laissez-faire attitude. I accept everyone with their flaws because everyone is flawed here or there. I ignore the negative and focus on the positive. But every once in a while I’ll come across a person who’s the perfect combination of terrible and at that point even I cannot deny that I don’t like them.

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