Funemployed no longer

I haven’t updated in a long time, which is bad.

I also haven’t been Yelping once a day like I was supposed to. I was unemployed from January to April and I wonder what I did with all that time. I wrote some raps, practiced guitar, and wrote some video scripts that I never filmed. Some day.

I’m gonna explain below, but I’ve been busy training for work. Now that I’m done, I’m gonna start blogging more (I’ve had tons of blog ideas, I just haven’t articulated them) and I’m gonna try to catch up on my Yelp reviews!

But, if you didn’t know, I got a great job at Funzio at the end of April as a Customer Support person. The official title is Customer Support Analyst, which is super fancy sounding seeing as how I do very little analyzing besides trying to answer “why is this guy threatening to kill me and my family because he lost this item?”

I got the job through Jared, a coworker who I talked to sometimes at Aeria Games. He’s now my boss! Very crazy but it’s true what they say: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But it’s also what you know, since I was really qualified for the job :p

So, crazy thing was I had started the hiring process with GREE International in February. I had pretty high hopes for it so I was holding off on interviewing for other companies (people recommend against this approach, but I am unsafely optimistic). I also didn’t want to get an offer from Jared and have to turn it down if GREE gave me a better offer.

Their interview process took FOREVER and then I finally interviewed in person at the beginning of April. I thought the interview went great so I was pretty bummed when they stopped responding to me. I finally decided that I had wasted enough time and contacted Jared when he posted that he was looking to hire for a customer support agent. I come in for the interview and he tells me he wants me to work graveyard shift. This is without me telling him that I was sleeping at 4 am every night and I kind of didn’t want a job in San Francisco because of the long commute.

On my second day at the job, there was a big announcement: Funzio had been acquired by GREE! In a bizarre turn of events, I had not gotten the job at GREE, and then I ended up getting a better scheduled job at GREE where I get to work from home in San Jose.

Can you say star alignment?

I took the BART for the first time to and from work in SOMA. (It’s weird because when I see the word SOMA I think about the drug in Brave New World.) I was “training” there for 3 weeks, learning the ins and outs of our games and the frequent issues players had.

When I started working there, I found out that Dorothy worked there! I went to middle school with Dorothy and I never really talked to her. I got to talk to her a little bit and she’s way quirkier than I thought. The way she talks is so bizarre in an excitable kind of way. Tons of positivity. I find it very relaxing and easy talking to her as if I’ve known her for a long time (which, I mean I kinda have, but if you never talked to them, I don’t think it counts). I won’t really see or talk to her as much now that I’m working from home, but it’s always fun to make a new friend from someone you knew but didn’t really know. And I’ll still see her at company events.

I loved the Funzio office. If anyone knows me, they know I love to eat. If anyone’s worked with me, they probably wonder how I’m not a gazillion pounds. I get kind of worried because my desk always has food on it and I’m always eating and I hope I’m not bothering people by constantly stuffing my face.

All kinds of teas, Odwalla’s, Tejava (my favorite iced tea!), sodas, energy drinks, Starbucks. You name it. Chips, cookies, all kinds of yummy snacks.

Plus, everyone on my team is awesome. They are all very friendly and hardworking people. Couldn’t ask for a better team. Though I do find I get along with people really easily and I rarely dislike anyone I work with (and vice versa). I’m a little bummed I won’t get to shoot the shit with them at work anymore, but I’m sure I’ll see them at work events and stuff. Plus, now that we got bought by GREE who knows how long I’ll be working graveyard for (though I hope long enough, cause commuting is a BITCH and I want a puppyyy)

Right now I’m on the East Coast for Quyen’s graduation but as soon as I’m back I’ll be working from home on graveyard shift. We’ve remodeled our garage into a second unit and I got to pick out all the furniture, paint, flooring, etc. If it looks totally ugly, it’s gonna be my fault, but I’m hoping it’s gonna look amazing and I’m gonna have an awesome home work environment.

This experience reiterates my thinking that if you just stay positive and make positive connections with people, good things will happen. My optimism is overwhelming, so negativity has no effect on me. I don’t believe in fate or luck or anything, but I do believe in the power of belief. And I believe in myself. And in believing in myself, good things happen.

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