Today I learned that Wiz Khalifa sampled Demi Lovato

I’ve been messing around with Ableton trying to make some cool beats. When you start trying to create art, you start analyzing art more. When I started filming, I started watching films with a much more critical eye. Noticing what angles certain scenes were shot from. When sliders/panning was used to achieve certain transitions.

Well now that I’m trying to make some beats, I’ve been listening to music with a more critical ear. The amount of layers in songs that I’ve listened to for years kind of amazes me since I am now hearing different parts of the song that I never noticed were even there before. I’m also listening to different rapper’s rapping styles and trying to add some more variety to my own rapping style. Right now I’ve mostly been trying to use a Childish Gambino flow and I usually do my word inflections like how J. Cole does it. Gonna practice a more singy flow like Wiz Khalifa and Drake and see if I can pull it off.

One song that I’ve playing on repeat is Wiz Khalifa – We’re Done:

This song is really short so it’s kind of a pain since as soon as it’s over I want to hear it again.

I really like Hip-Hop beats that sample female vocals so I’m trying to listen to those songs more and I’m trying to look for cool songs to sample at the same time.

Anyways, I looked up the sample for this song and it was Demi Lovato – Our Time is Here.

I dunno how Wiz found that song, but… I guess that means no song is off limits to sample.

On a side note, Demi Lovato kind of looks like Rebecca Black in this video.

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