2013: Just Do It.

Can you believe we’re 1/3 of the way into the year? It’s April already.

January 1st, 2012, I wrote an entry about my New Years resolutions.

I said that 2012 would be my “Year of the Beast”. The year of self improvement. I listed a bunch of crazy goals. It’s not about achieving all of the goals, but it’s about having some things to work towards. Thankfully, I actually fulfilled a bunch of them and I even improved myself in some other ways that I didn’t think about before.

Quick recaps:

Got a well-paying job with great schedule flexibility, great benefits, and a great team of people around me in an industry that I enjoy.

New friends? Hell yea I made new friends. Referring to my job, my coworkers from my new job are awesome. I went out of my way to talk to random people and I actually became friends with them. And then they introduced me to their friends. Met a ton of good folks last year.

I volunteered as a cabin leader at Camp Campbell and I became Facebook friends with a bunch of weird ass high schoolers (and some actually pretty cool people)

I played guitar a lot more. After I learned chords, everything became so much easier to understand. I can play and sing at the same time with 90% of the ability of playing when not singing now.

I started taking singing lessons. Still taking them. Shit’s expensive as hell, but I like singing.

I became a Yelp Elite member with only 40 something reviews. That’s pretty rare. But then again, my reviews are pretty amazing.

Bought my own car. I’ve always said I wanted an Audi. And I bought one.

Bought a puppy. I’ve always said I wanted a corgi. And I bought one. And she’s a little shit, but I still love her. Hopefully she becomes less of a little shit now that she’s almost a year old.

I worked out a little… then I stopped. It’s pretty much on and off, but I like how I look in the mirror, and that’s all that really matters. Also I beat Paul at arm wrestling. That must count for something since he has huge arms.

I got a lot better at shooting in basketball. Hours in the gym shooting by myself paid off.

I went to New York! I seriously need to travel more, but it was tons of fun.

I was on TV. I went on a dating show with Geovanna Antoinette from JustKiddingFilms and I won a date with her. And then I scared her off by being my amazing self. In her words, “You are a snowflake… you’re very… unique.” In her words after shooting the episode: “You’re really funny, but probably not in the way you think you’re funny”. I’ll take it.

Started dressing a lot better. The combination of having the money to buy nicer clothes and the desire to look more presentable came together. First time I wore a cardigan in my life.

So that was my 2012. Did I succeed at improving myself? I think I did.

What’s my goal for 2013?

The goal is to DO.

You ever watch the movie Yes man with Jim Carrey? I thought it was pretty crappy, but I liked the fake motivational seminar they had in the movie. The idea of the movie is that good things happen when you say yes. Or was the idea of the movie that you say yes to a bunch of things and then you go out with Zooey Deschanel? Yes+Man+Los+Angeles+Premiere+1GXtNiIdqF9l

“There is a saying attributed to Mark Twain, but probably not said by him, because this is the internet and you can attribute shit to anyone” – Viet Ngo

that goes:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Which I find true. Though I can’t confirm yet as 20 years ago, I was 4, and I don’t regret not doing anything when I was 4.

So this year I’m trying to DO as much as I can. Peeps be inviting me to some random ass events. Previously, I only went out if my closest friends invited me. Now I’ve been going to as many places as I can. If you invite me somewhere, and I like you as a person, I will try to be there. Nothing bad has happened so far.

I’m in Vegas right now because one of my coworkers from the first company I worked at invited me. I’ve barely talked to him since we worked together, but I do like him. So I said screw it, I’ll go to Vegas for your birthday.

Well I’m here and I had tons of fun. I also spent some time by myself since I’m staying in my own room and I started up conversation with some random ass people who are also hanging out by themselves. If I remember correctly, I used to be an amazing conversationalist. I mean, I still am, but I used to be as well.

No joke though, I’m not as outgoing as I used to be. Sometimes you reach a level of contentment with the relationships you have built with the people around you and you stop trying to engage new people. I’m trying to break from that mentality.

So I talked to a SHITLOAD of random people this weekend. I found that a certain percentage of people are actually just terrible to talk to, but the majority of people are very open to starting conversation with someone new but they’re just not actively outgoing. So, I’m gonna start actively starting conversations with people.

On a final note regarding Vegas, some friends were talking about EDC and told me about how amazing it was. I looked it up and I decided right away: I’m going to EDC this year. So I bought myself a ticket.

I’m not into rave culture. I’ve never been to a rave but I do listen to some EDM. But if you watch videos of EDC, it looks absolutely amazing. If you don’t think it looks fun, then something is wrong with your fun meter.


So what am I doing this year? I am doing. it. all. If I think it sounds fun, I’m gonna do it. If I think you sound fun, I’m gonna do you.

No… not really. “I’m just Kidding like Jason… Unless you’re gonna do it.” – Nelly, Hot in Herre

I only learned that that was a reference to basketball player Jason Kidd a few years ago. All those years, I was trying to draw the connection to Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th making jokes and I did not understand Nelly at all.

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