Fuck your workout plan

I’m not a hater. (in general, when someone starts a blog entry with that statement, some hate is about to be spewed)

But I can’t stand people who post about working out or being healthy all the time.

I understand why they do it. It’s because it takes a certain level of dedication of your life to attain health and workout goals. If you want to go from a fat lazy bum to a toned, sexy mofo, you gotta dedicate a pretty big chunk of your life to getting and staying in shape.

So maybe I can’t relate that well, because I been skinny and I been sexy and I ain’t done a damn thing to get there.

But lemme tell you this. I ain’t ignant. I done known how to stay healthy and how calories, fats, vitamins, proteins, etc. contribute to your body for a long time. I took nutrition Freshman year of college. I’ve been reading articles online for years.

So I’ve understood HOW to be healthy longer than a lot of people, and I often shared my knowledge when people asked, but I don’t go about lecturing people about it. Granted, I’m not saying everyone who’s into the workout lifestyle is also into lecturing people.

The only way I can relate to these people is by comparing some other activities that are a big part of my life. I play video games like 5 times a week. Probably as much as people work out.

Now what if I just posted pictures of video game shit all the time. Would I look like a giant video game nerd and would I get judged by a lot of people? Hell yea I would. But you know there are some nerds out there who just don’t give a damn and post all the gaming news and gaming stuff that they see. It’s a little off-putting cause it’s like “Damn I know you like video games but is that all you can talk about?”

But posting about something you’re passionate about is a little less douchey when it’s not narcissistic. For instance, I enjoy people’s posts on new studies showing the best work out foods or the best exercises. I don’t enjoy people’s posts on what healthy foods they’re eating or what exercises they’re doing or what they’re doing to stay motivated or just pictures of their muscle progress. Shiet what if I uploaded a picture of every level I got to in a new video game? Uninteresting as hell.

Unlike video game nerds, no one hates on these people, because working out and staying healthy is generally viewed as a good thing whereas video games are looked at as a bad thing.

That said, I know you like your muscles, but is that all you can talk about? Cause I don’t give a damn about how you got your muscles or how you got skinny or how nice your abs look.

I really can’t re-read this post without seeing myself come off as a total hater, but it has to be said. Maybe it’s my fault for following these people, but even when I’m creepin on random people’s profiles there are always the gym freaks with their daily workout pictures. I’m on Instagram to look at cute animals, food, and inappropriate selfies of scantily clad girls, not to be guilt tripped by people who have just recently learned about health and nutrition.

Closing statement: Your health passions bore everyone except for other meatheads.

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