The OKCupid Adventure

My sister told me to sign up for OKCupid.

So I did. I put together an awesome profile.

Then some girl messaged me. I looked at her profile and I didn’t like what I saw so I didn’t respond back. Now I feel like a complete jerk.

I’m also looking through pages and pages of profiles and I know people joke about misleading pictures, but goddamn you don’t know how many misleading pictures there are until you look for yourself. There are so many fat girls on there with close-ups and weirdly-angled pictures.

Also, most girls are very average-looking. I guess if I wasn’t a complete jerk with high-standards when it comes to looks, I could date them. But I know plenty of average to good-looking girls right now who I haven’t asked out. All I know is that I only click 1 out of every 25 profiles I see, and I have yet to find any profiles that even sparked a remote interest.

Also, one of the cuter girls I saw was a post-op transsexual.

So… yea. I don’t think online dating is gonna work.

It’s fun to look through though. It feels like Facebook stalking strangers, except you get way more information and you have no interest in them at all. I consider it a game of “find the hot girl with the good personality”, except I never win, so it’s not much of a game.

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