How I became totally zen

I used to be very critical and I loved pointing out people’s flaws and vulnerabilities. Just by talking to people, I can completely understand what I can say and do to affect them and hurt them the most just by pointing out their deepest insecurities. It’s a skill that has never gone away.

At some point, I realized that me being brutally honest was more about me being brutal than me being honest, so I stopped.

I’m still 99% honest, but I also realized that it is cruel to tell someone something that they are unable to change. I’m very observant so it’s easy for me to point out someone annoying, unfunny, or just completely stupid but these aren’t things people are able to change.

I accept that people are flawed and that’s ok with me. If anyone wants to know what I completely, honestly think about them, ask and I will tell you. Just know that it will probably hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me.

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