Missed the Creep boat

As I am turning 24, I realized that I missed the boat for being the creepy college dude who dates a high schooler.

The maturity level between a high schooler and a first year college student is pretty insane. You grow so much in that first year away from home which is why most poeple find it pretty creepy when college students go back and pick up high schoolers.

College guys got that whole maturity thing going which high school girls are super attracted to. So college guys are pretty much taking advantage of the situation to get these girls.

I can’t even talk to most high schoolers now without feeling like they are super immature. But I’m sure there are a few hot high schoolers out there who are mature-ish who would have totes fell for me when I was a college student. And I could have been that creepy college dude who dated a hot high schooler.

And then it hit me. I’m almost 24 years old. I graduated college. I’m not even in that boat anymore. If I date a high schooler now, I would just be the creepy pedophile who dates a high schooler.

And nobody likes pedophiles.

So stay away high school girls. I’m off limits.

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