Misleading webcam girls

I see TONS of Instagrams, Twitters, and random picture sets online of good-looking girls taking pictures of themselves half naked (or fully naked) that they are just sharing with everyone. God bless their souls.

But the question I ask myself every time I see these selfies is, “Where are these girls and why am I not able to find them so I can be in the same room with them when they are taking these pictures?” You see, if I were a girl, I would want to show myself naked to someone like me – an awesome, mildly-attractive gentleman, more than I would want to show myself naked to random guys on the internet (many of whom are creepy weirdos).

I imagine there’s some huge ego boost that comes into play from all the guys being turned on from your pictures.

So just putting this out there, but if you were to show me yourself naked or in provcative clothing, I promise I’ll compliment the shit out of you.

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