Sing for the moment

I finally took a singing lesson.

One of my New Years resolutions was to play guitar and sing more, and I actually have. I consider myself pretty decent now after a little over a year. Oh man when I finally started memorizing chords I realized how much easier it was to play songs on guitar rather than blindly following tabs.

I like watching shows like Glee and Sing-off and X-Factor and I watch people cover songs on YouTube all the time, but I’ve never been a singer. Over the past year of just playing guitar and singing to myself, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a lot better and I’ve wanted to record myself, but I keep getting better so I want to get to a point where I consider myself good enough to record. I believe I’m either at or close to that point.

I recently watched Pitch Perfect. Such a great movie. Super funny and Anna Kendrick is just… dreamy. It made me want to finally take singing lessons even though I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Most people will give you a weird look when you tell them you’re taking singing lessons just for fun. Well I give a damn what the hell most people think.

So I went to my first singing lesson, and first thing I noticed was that singing lessons are frickin expensive. Second thing I noticed was that singing/guitar sounds a lot different in a treated studio room. It’s only a 30 minute lesson each week so I come in and we get right down to business. My teacher told me to play/sing her something so she could see where I’m at.

I have ADD when it comes to playing guitar so I jump between songs a lot and it’s easy for me to forget the chords to them. There is a song that I’ve been playing a lot recently, so I sang Macy Gray – I Try. Afterwards she asked me what I sing when I go karaoke so I sang Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour.

She told me that I my pitch is right on key which is good because that’s the hardest thing to fix. Thank god I’m not tone deaf. She also told me that I have a really good singing voice so she would just work on making my range change seamless and teach me how to sing louder/more powerfully.

That was like a major ego boost. If you have someone who teaches something and you come in as a newbie and they tell you that you have good natural skill, it feels pretty good.

So we did some exercises that are supposed to allow me to increase control of my vocal cords. My main problem right now is I practice at home by myself and I sing quietly to myself. I have a good voice when I’m singing quietly but when I try to amp it up, I can’t control my voice that well. My teacher said that with more exercises and training, going louder will result in more power with less effort. Which is definitely what I want.

I also luckily have a really wide vocal range, which is good. I can sing with my natural deep voice but I have a pretty full higher range too.

So… I’m gonna start recording some songs soon. Hopefully they turn out well.

She told me I have a great voice and asked me if I ever considered doing voice-over work. That’s the second time someone’s recommended that to me. I don’t know who to trust, those people, or the ones who tell me I sound like a monotone frog robot.

I also have 16 bars I’ve written to Fuckin Problem that I’m excited about.

I’m gonna be recording and releasing it some time this week. I haven’t rapped for a long time and the last times, I got a bunch of feedback that I’ve taken into consideration. More energy, more tone changes. Just like the way I talk in real life, not like I’m reading off some lyrics. Got it. Let’s do this.

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