Kobe Bryant slept with 105 other women?

Vanessa Bryant claims that Kobe Bryant slept with 105 other women throughout their 10 years of marriage. That number is actually a little lower than I expect for a Superstar athlete. Let’s be real here. There’s something about being famous that makes girls wanna buck you. I’m pretty sure becoming famous doesn’t make your dick taste better, but the way even ugly, barely-famous mofos have flocks of groupies, I’m not exactly sure.

This whole situation shows a whole lot about the current marital situation and the fidelity of celebrities in general:

It’s pretty damn hard for a lot of normal people to stay faithful, so how do you expect stars who constantly have attractive groupies (and I bet a ton of ugly ones) throwing themselves at them to not stray?

I’d like to believe I would stay faithful to my girlfriend even if I had hella girls throwing themselves at me, but since I’m not in that situation, my words aren’t very useful. But I don’t think I would want to date a famous person or if I were famous, I don’t think I would settle down into a long-term relationship. At least not until I got bored of all the groupies. It’s not really fair to your partner. If you’re on a diet and people wave donuts in front of you every day of the year, it’s pretty hard for your partner to believe that you’re never gonna have a craving, slip up, and eat a donut.

She done knew he was cheating on her. You don’t just find out overnight that your husband has slept with 105 women overnight. So why did she wait until now to claim that his cheating was “too much”? Because now that the marriage has lasted longer than 10 years, she gets alimony, aka a shit-ton of his money. I guess that’s her paycheck for staying with a guy for 10 years when she knew he was cheating on her with other women all year? If only all women with cheating boyfriends were so lucky.

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