What we don’t write is more important than what we do write

I’ve written and not posted like five blog posts in the past few weeks because as I continue to write each one they felt like ramblings that didn’t deserve to get posted. Now the drafts are just my own private writings in my little girly diary.

For the YouTube generation with our short attention spans, I have summed up my posts in one quick sentence each. Not that you cared. If I have the chance I’ll go back and edit the posts and post them eventually. Don’t count on it though.

1. Whether you succeed or whether you fail, the most important thing in life is trying your hardest.
2. I’m not sympathetic – I can’t tell what you’re feeling; I can only observe how you’re reacting.
3. I don’t know whether I am a lazy, quiet extrovert or a loud, confident introvert.
4. I miss the old me who selfishly made my wants priority number one.
5. If I keep passing up these chances, there won’t be any chances left.

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