We are the (re)blog generation

I remember reading back in middle school that our generation was the blog generation. Everyone and their mother had a Xanga or Livejournal.

It’s funny that the art of blogging has essentially died out in favor of easier to consume chunks of information.

I write long ass entries, and I can see how they would be a hassle to read if I weren’t so damn entertaining and interesting, especially with our short attention spans. I don’t even like watching YouTube videos that are longer than 6 minutes.

With Tweets, Facebook statuses, Tumblr reblogs, Pinterest pinning, and aggregator sites like Reddit or 9gag, fewer and fewer people are taking the time to share their thoughts.

Which is kinda sad, but also really human. Most of us are more similar to each other than we’d like to believe, which becomes more apparent as memes spread across the internet. People can relate to each other so easily through 2 lines of caption on an image.

“That’s so me”. Reblog.

Instead of telling people about yourself, you share a picture that someone else made, that a few thousand other people have also shared, that squeezes only the essentials of thought into a post.

So I rarely read anyone’s blogs now, because they’re mostly just reblogs of other people’s images or thoughts. Yea, put together, all those scraps in the scrapbook you call your blog will help me understand you as a person, but frankly, it’s boring as hell and I’d so much rather read one paragraph of your own thought and see your personality and thought process through your communication.

I understand the enjoyment of reblogging. It’s easy as hell and sometimes a picture can sum up how you’re feeling so effortlessly. But whenever I catch the occasional personal Tumblr entry, short as they usually are, I can’t help but feel so much more engaged.

Writing one line about what you just reblogged doesn’t count.

RIP to all the true ex-bloggers. I carry your torch.


  1. Vinh
    August 15, 2012

    Keep up the good work. Always a good read.

    • vietiscool
      August 21, 2012

      Thanks for reading even though you’re not on Facebook. You stalkin me or what?

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