The art of saving money

To quote Drake: “I’ve never really been one for the preservation of money, nah, much rather spend it all while I’m breathing”.

But I’m trying to learn. Because I live pretty extravagantly. I like eating well. I only buy high quality stuff and I also shop around a lot and I have really hard time turning down a “good deal”.

I once posted up a deal for $170 earbuds which were on sale for $50. My friend Collin asked me “Why would I spend $50 on earbuds?”

My only answer was: “Well they’re usually $170… so WHY NOT?!”

Revisiting that same exchange, I understand my shopping mentality. I like good things, and I like good things selling for low prices. However, the low prices of good things will still be MORE expensive than the cheaper prices (for low quality things). A lot of people will not spend more for good things when they can spend less for not as good, but similar things.

It’s not that I WASTE money on crappy things, it’s that I WASTE money buying things that I don’t necessarily NEED. I didn’t need $50 earbuds, because I already had $100 headphones. Though, since I started working out, it’s nice that I do have good earbuds, so you go past Viet. Great purchase!

So now I’ve paid off my credit card debt from my months of unemployment, purchased some fun things I’ve wanted for a while, bought a 2-year gym membership, and made some really big purchases for my new living space, it’s time to start saving money.

I started a savings plan and I’m keeping track of my purchases and I’m now asking whether or not I NEED something before I buy it. Even if it’s 70% off, if I don’t NEED it, I’m gonna try my best not to buy it.

But ultimately, with the money I save from not buying everything I see that’s on sale, I want to make my next large purchase a used car. I’m looking at buying a used Audi A4, which has been my dream car for a while. After drawing up a plan, I will probably have enough to purchase one in September-October.

I am getting a puppy soon though so I don’t know how much that’s gonna end up costing me, but it’ll probably take a pretty decent chunk of my car money.

I guess it’s a good time to start cultivating a money-saving mentality since I’m going to be a millionaire some day and I don’t want to impulse buy yachts and shit. But no matter how well I manage my money, I’ll never truly be a tight ass with money. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The verdict’s still out.

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